So, what’s NEXT?

NEXT is a cross-disciplinary team focused on developing NEXT-generation devices and systems by taking advantage (also thanks to an extended network of co-workers) of:

  • modelling 
  • electronics
  • sensors
  • micro/nano-fabrication
  • material science.

Highlights of our most recent research include (see Publications for more details):

  • the first report of nanotransducers on Printed Circuit Boards (NanoEnergy 2018)
  • the first report of ZnO nanowires as a reversible myogenic differentiation switch (ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2018)
  • the first report of tunnelling triboelectrification and its application to the definition of rewritable floating ghost gates for 2D electronics (Nature Communications 2017)
  • the first 3D reconstruction of single-crystal quasi-1D nanostructures from a single SEM image (Advanced Materials 2015)
  • the first sound-powered graphene/h-BN micro-heater (NanoEnergy 2015)
  • density-controlled synthesis of ZnO nanorods by chromium inhibition and gold size-selected nanoclusters catalysis (Scientific Reports 2015)
  • real-time monitoring of the solution growth of ZnO nanorods by quartz microbalances (Scientific Reports 2014)
  • models for circular-symmetric micro-hot-plates (Sensors and Actuators B 2013, Sensors 2014)
  • design of circular-symmetric micro-hot-plates (Sensors and Actuators B 2013)
  • systematic design of micro-resistors for temperature control (Sensors and Actuators B 2013)
  • tapered piezo-semiconductive quasi-1D nanodevices (Advanced Materials 2012, Nanotechnology 2013)